Mother's Day Gifts You Can Buy While At Work

Mother’s Day is FAST approaching… As in, you’ve got just four days left to find the perfect gift for dear ol’ Mama.

Don’t have time to run out? Here are some great options you can order right from your desktop at work. (We’ll wager a bet you’re sitting there right now procrastination as you read this. Your secret’s safe with us.)



Cheryl’s Cookies

Super soft cookie, amazing buttery icing, adorably festive decorations. Cheryl’s wider variety of packages makes choosing the ideal gift as easy as pie... Er, cookies, duh. If you’re mom doesn’t thoroughly enjoy indulging in these baked goods, she probably doesn’t have any taste buds.


Shari’s Berries

For the mom who claims she wants a healthy option but would pick a chocolate milkshake over a salad any day, send some Shari’s Berries her way. Sweet, fresh strawberries covered in rich chocolate, chocolate chips, or sugar. It’s a definite win.


From You Flowers

Clichés be damned; flowers are the most classic gift you could offer your mom. Choosing this traditional option tells your mother how timeless you believe her to be. And at From You Flowers, you can create your own bouquet with flowers picked especially for her.


Jeni’s Ice Cream

Yes, it’s ice cream—delivered frozen. (Some of the most amazing ice cream you’ve ever tasted, we might add.) It’ll arrive perfectly shipped in all its ice-cold glory so your mother can praise your creative thinking while spooning away some Brown Butter Almond Brittle.


Mother’s Day Brunch

Lastly, just take your mama out! Nothing will make her happier than spending some good, quality time with you, her precious baby. (Aww.) Check out our latest Charlotte Foodie Adventures article for restaurants hosting brunch specifically for mother’s day.

There was once a point in her life when your mother woke up at 3:00am just to pull you from your crib and be pooped on. So go celebrate her and show her some love in return. :)