SkillPop: A Charlotte Original Spreading Nationwide

SkillPop—the latest craze creating big waves in Charlotte. This locally founded company offers fun, engaging, pop-up classes throughout the community to teach new skills, give you the basics on a new hobby, and provide an awesome setting to kick back with your friends or meet new people.

If you’re like me, that inner middle schooler who still thinks she’s too-cool-for-school cringes at the word, “classes,” but these aren’t boring lectures given by professors who spit too much. These are interactive, hands-on demonstrations in skills you’ll actually be excited about.

Want to know how to capture jaw-dropping photos with your DSLR? They’ve got a Photography Basics class for that. Interested in upping your handwriting skills to Pinterest-worthy penmanship? SkillPop offers Handlettering, Beginning Calligraphy, and Brush Lettering. Like to eat while you learn? Artisan Breadmaking and Cookie Decorating Essentials are calling your name.

It all started in September of 2015 when SkillPop hosted its first class: Handlettering with Kaley Olson. Kaley's seminar is still offered and has become one of the most popular classes—her creations could even make your grandma's perfect cursive drool with jealousy. In April, 43 classes were held and the number grows every month. In the short two-year time span the company has existed, they’ve held over 450 classes to 7,000 students. 

In fact, the company is growing so much, they recently expanded to Raleigh and just completed a “Road Trip Tour,” hosting classes in other cities and scouting out new locations. The most popular classes fill up fast, within just a few hours of being posted. Hint, hint:  sign up for the SkillPop Newsletter. You’ll be the first to be notified when new classes are posted.

There’s a reason SkillPop is growing so quickly and Charlotteans love their classes. In short, it’s FUN. Why take your friends to the brewery (again) when you can start your path to fame together in a Podcasting Essentials class? They’re also the perfect setting for parent-child hangouts, (Mother’s Day, anyone?) and a super creative way to impress a first date. (If you took a woman to a Chocolate Appreciation Class, you could most definitely count on a second date. Just sayin’….)

It’s not just what you learn in a SkillPop class that’s so enticing, but where. The classes are held in unique locations all over the city. Usually, the spaces are geared toward the nature of the class. For instance, Photography Basics is held at the Google Fiber building in First Ward, so you can step right outside and practice what you’ve learned against Charlotte’s skyline views. Beginner Hip Hop, on the other hand, is held at Xtend Barre, the perfect fitness space to perfect your new moves.

The next time you and your friends are scouting the city for a worthwhile event, checkout SkillPop’s class list. Learn, laugh, have a blast, and tell them EatWorkPlay sent you! 

(All photos courtesy of SkillPop.)