Chic Cinco: Dress to Impress with Ease

Ah, the classic dilemma: there’s a happy hour after work (like the EatWorkPlay’s Chic Cinco de Mayo this Friday,) so do you dress for the happy hour or for work? Well, since I can’t in good conscience tell you to ignore dressing appropriately for your job… and since I also love an excuse to dress up… I say dress for both! Let’s check out some things you can wear straight from the office to the happy hour and dress to impress at both.


Look #1: Girly

I love a good deal. And I love being able to shop until I drop with a smaller carbon footprint (#HappyLateEarthDay.) So, naturally, I’m obsessed with consignment stores. J.T. Posh, one of my personal favorites, has a HUGE selection of girly dresses.

This Tory Burch dress is priced at just $79. That’s less than a third of normal retail. And it’s so cute, you could wear it to countless different occasions. But there’s a catch—it’s consignment, so there’s only one available!

Didn’t snag this dress in time? Not to worry. There certainly isn’t a shortage of floral dresses in the spring, so find one that best fits your style. My personal favorites for finding hidden officewear: bevello and Madewell.


Look #2: Menswear

The fabric and pattern of this outfit is traditionally found in men’s attire, especially if paired with a black blazer, but the fact that it’s a dress and the larger-than-life bow give it a feminine appeal. Best of both worlds? I think so.

Snag this dress ($98) and any black blazer you like at the Banana Republic in Southpark. It’s 30% off until Saturday!






Look #3: Casual Fridays

The general rule for the office is no more than one animal print item per day. These pants from J. Crew ($98) are adorable all on their own. There’s really no need to do anything to this outfit except put on some heels and a top (light blue or black) and walk out the door. Keeping the rest of your outfit subtle helps this statement piece be the talk of the town.

J. Crew has become my go-to for finding great fitting pants appropriate for work (or at least appropriate for casual Fridays) but that are different than the black slacks I wear twice (okay, at least twice) a week.


But remember, the most important thing about style is for you to love what you’re wearing. Happy shopping and see you at Le Meridian on Friday for EWP’s #CLTMixer, Chic Cinco de Mayo!

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